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Farm Cultivator
Power Type:
Place of Origin:
Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Special Materials:
ATOS 80 (10T)


WECAN Global manufacturing Rotavators and exported it to more than 20 countries worldwide.

This is WECAN Global Company from South Korea. We are manufacturing Rotavators and exported it to more than 20 countries worldwide.  This includes North America, Central America, South America, Oceania, Japan, Middle East, Greece, Turkey, Europe countries, etc. and our customers are satisfied to use because they knows that our technology is too high but compare to others our price is very affordable and competitive.

We want to be a hope from the entire world and also be a holy spirit of pioneer.
We firmly assure you that we do our best for world-wide enterprise and wish all nations be a continuously prosperous.


We have many models so our customers will have lots of choices depending upon their needs. As you can notice, our Rotavator is lighter than others, means that even a small tractor can operate our big rotavator. And compare to the quality, our Rotavator is much stronger than any other ordinary steel. It is made of ATOS 80, and the blades are flexible. Our rotavators designs for heavy works but insuring that your tractor is protected and works longer. While using our rotavator you can’t feel the shaking or vibration hence we installed a non-vibrating flange in a straight alignment and in a safe mode to ensure it and it can be adoptable to any soil condition.


I can assure you of our Rotavator since we exported it already to more than 20 countries worldwide.