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Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
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Our high efficiency Rotavators are able to work under virtually any conditions...

Our high efficiency Rotavators are able to work under virtually any conditions.



Model                           Working                 Weight (kg)                 Power (hp)
                                  Width (mm)


WR2150 MGW              2150                            610                              68-110

WR2400 MGW              2400                            640                              80-110

WR2600 MGW              2600                            680                              90-120

WR2850 MGW              2850                            760                              100-150



Features of the machine

  • Gearbox: A 4 speed 150 hp main gearbox giving rotor speeds from 103 - 459 rpm with 540 and 1000 rpm pto
  • Heavy Duty Double Flanged Blade Mountings
  • Large 540mm Rotor Diameter
  • Heavy Duty Side Gear Drive
  • Skid Saver side Ploughs fitted as Standard
  • Frame: A vibration absorbing box section frame of heavy steel further reinforced with a full length square tube
  • Flanges: Vibration absorbing large capacity flanges
  • Depth Guides: Adjustable/removable depth guides
  • Gears: High capacity precision gears
  • Oil Seals: Multi directional oil seals
  • Rear Door: Spring loaded rear door adjustment cat
  • Linkage: 2  TPL (3 position)

Operational Features

  • Optional Blade Type Rotor
  • Packer or Coil Roller
  • Tractor Wheeling Eradicators
  • Improves water storage and retention